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Product and quotient rules

9 videos
5 skills
You can figure out the derivative of f(x). You're also good for g(x). But what about f(x) times g(x)? This is what the product rule is all about. This tutorial is all about the product rule. It also covers the quotient rule (which really is just a special case of the product rule).

Special derivatives quiz

See if you remember the five derivatives from the previous video.

Special derivatives


Product rule


Quotient rule


Combining the product and chain rules

If you know the product, quotient, and chain rules, try this exercise full of challenging derivatives.

Product rule

VIDEO 8:48 minutes
The product rule. Examples using the Product and Chain rules.

Quotient rule and common derivatives

VIDEO 9:31 minutes
Why the quotient rule is the same thing as the product rule. Introduction to the derivative of e^x, ln x, sin x, cos x, and tan x

Equation of a tangent line

VIDEO 8:07 minutes
Finding the equation of the line tangent to f(x)=xe^x when x=1