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L'Hôpital's Rule

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Limits have done their part helping to find derivatives. Now, under the guidance of l'Hôpital's rule, derivatives are looking to show their gratitude by helping to find limits. Ever try to evaluate a function at a point and get 0/0 or infinity/infinity? Well, that's a big clue that l'Hopital's rule can help you find the limit of the function at that point.

Introduction to l'Hôpital's rule

VIDEO 8:51 minutes
Introduction to L'Hôpital's Rule

L'Hôpital's rule example 1

VIDEO 7:43 minutes
L'Hôpital's Rule Example 1

L'Hôpital's rule example 2

VIDEO 5:15 minutes
L'Hôpital's Rule Example 2

L'Hôpital's rule example 3

VIDEO 7:50 minutes
L'Hôpital's Rule Example 3

L'Hôpital's rule