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Negative number basics

5 videos
8 skills
What is a "negative number"? How do we interpret their placement on a number line relative to a positive number? In this tutorial, you'll learn about what happens in the world below zero! Common Core Standards: 6.NS.C.6, 6.NS.C.6a, 6.NS.C.6c

Negative numbers introduction

VIDEO 9:36 minutes
Mysterious negative numbers! What ARE they? They are numbers less than zero. If you understand the nature of below zero temperatures, you can understand negative numbers. We'll help.

Negative numbers on the number line

Identify positive and negative integers on the number line

Negative numbers and number line examples

VIDEO 3:08 minutes
Given a few negative numbers on a number line, let's see if we can determine what negative numbers are elsewhere on the number line.

Negative numbers on the number line without reference to zero

Identify positive and negative integers on the number line.

Ordering negative numbers

VIDEO 2:47 minutes
Is -40 bigger than -10? When ordering negative numbers from least to greatest, careful that you don't get hung up on the "amount" of the number. Think about what that negative sign really means!

Ordering negative numbers

Put negative integers in order

Number opposites


Placing positive and negative decimals on a number line

VIDEO 1:15 minutes
These example exercises require us to interpret a number line in order to locate where our positive and negative decimals should be placed.

Comparing positive and negative numbers on the number line

Interpret statements of inequality as statements about the relative position of two numbers on a number line diagram.

Negative number word problem

VIDEO 4:22 minutes
Let's challenge ourselves with a word problem that requires us to plot points, positive and negative, and find the difference.