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Dividing whole numbers and fractions

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Let's explore how we can think about dividing a fraction by a whole number and a whole number by a fraction. Remember that a whole number is a fraction expressed differently. What do you do when you divide fractions? Multiply by the reciprocal! You got itI Now try.

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: potpourri

VIDEO 2:32 minutes
You know how to divide whole numbers...you probably know how to divide fractions, but what about dividing whole numbers AND fractions? This word problem will give us a real life application

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: studying

VIDEO 2:35 minutes
As you work this division word problem using whole numbers and fractions, don't forget to invert and multiply!

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: t-shirts

VIDEO 2:08 minutes
Dividing a whole number by a fraction? Turn the tables and multiply by the reciprocal of the fraction. Boom!

Dividing fractions by whole numbers

Dividing positive fractions with simplification