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Dependent probability

5 videos
We're shifting our focus away from probabilities based upon independent events, and looking instead at dependent events--which are events that can be affected by previous events. This is one of many types and scenarios involving probability. Let's go!

Dependent probability introduction

VIDEO 6:38 minutes
Let's get you started with a great explanation of dependent probability using a scenario involving a casino game.

Dependent probability example

VIDEO 9:01 minutes
We're thinking about how the probability of an event can be dependent on another event occuring in this example problem.

Independent or dependent probability event?

VIDEO 2:39 minutes
This time around we're not going to tell you whether we're working on a dependent or independent probability event problem. You tell us!

Dependent probability example 2

VIDEO 6:34 minutes
It's important to practice these probability problems as they get more complex eventually. Take a stab on this one...with our help, of course.

Probability and the Monty Hall problem

VIDEO 7:23 minutes
Here we have a presentation and analysis of the famous thought experiment: the "Monty Hall" problem! This is fun.