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Adding and subtracting negative numbers

5 videos
5 skills
You should understand that negative numbers represent how far we are "below zero". Now you are ready to add and subtract them! In this tutorial, we will explain, give examples, and give practice adding and subtracting negative numbers. This is a super-important concept for the rest of your mathematical career so, no pressure, learn it as well as you can! Common Core Standards: 7.NS.A.1, 7.NS.A.1b, 7.NS.A.1c, 7.NS.A.1d

Adding negative numbers

VIDEO 5:41 minutes
Using number lines and an understanding of absolute values, we walk you through the exercise of adding negative numbers.

Adding numbers with different signs

VIDEO 5:32 minutes
Let's a take stab at adding numbers with both positive and negative signs. Using a number line makes this exercise easier and we recommend it.

Adding negative numbers

Adding positive and negative single-digit numbers

Learn how to add and subtract negative numbers

VIDEO 4:07 minutes
Let's practice adding and subtracting both positive and negative numbers. Remember that two negatives make a positive, or another way of looking at, subtracting a negative is the same as adding.

Subtracting a negative = adding a positive

VIDEO 1:33 minutes
Logic tells us (as does this video) that subtracting a negative number is the same thing as adding the absolute value of that number. Watch and be amazed.

Adding and subtracting negative numbers

Add and subtract positive and negative single-digit integers

Negative number word problem

VIDEO 4:22 minutes
Let's challenge ourselves with a word problem that requires us to plot points, positive and negative, and find the difference.

Interpreting negative numbers

Practice explaining the meaning of negative numbers in different scenarios.