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Rational number word problems

6 videos
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You know that fractions, decimals and percentages are all ways to represent rational numbers. In this tutorial, you'll take things to the next level by using these representations together to solve problems. Common Core Standards 7.NS.A.3

Expressions with rational numbers

VIDEO 5:59 minutes
Let's compare expressions and see whether these fractions are equal.

Expressions as positive or negative

VIDEO 2:07 minutes
In this example, categorize expressions as less than or greater than zero.You'll add/subtract decimals and multiple/divide fractions--both positive and negative.

Rational number word problem with fractions

VIDEO 3:21 minutes
Word problems force us to put concepts to work using real-world applications. In this example, determine the volume of frozen water and express the answer as a fraction.

Rational number word problem with ratios

VIDEO 2:33 minutes
In this word problem, we'll compare the weight of two objects using a ratio of integers. We'll practice simplifying a fraction, too.

Rational number word problem with proportions

VIDEO 4:08 minutes
Use your knowledge of proportions and fractions to determine shareholders profit in this word problem.

Rational number word problem with decimals

VIDEO 3:15 minutes
Your checking account is overdrawn. Not good. Use your knowledge of decimals and adding negative and positive numbers to bring your account back into the black.