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Multiplying and dividing fractions

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What is 2/3 of 2/3? If 4/7 of the class are boys, how many boys are there? Did you also know that fractions can represent division (and the other way around). We can create fractions by dividing whole numbers and then even divide the fractions themselves. We'll see that dividing by something is the exact same thing as multiplying by that thing's reciprocal! Multiplying and dividing fractions is not only useful, but fun as well. Common Core Standards: 7.NS.A.2a, 7.NS.A.2b

Multiplying negative and positive fractions

VIDEO 4:33 minutes
Let's take a stab on practicing one of the most commonly used math skills: multiplying and dividing fractions. We'll use a few examples with negative numbers.

Dividing negative fractions

VIDEO 4:11 minutes
Here we'll practice dividing fractions, including negatives. Remember that when we divide fractions we use the reciprocal and multiply.