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Converting fractions to decimals

10 videos
4 skills
If you already know a bit about both decimals and fractions, this tutorial will help build a bridge between the two. We'll guide you through two very important skills: converting fractions to decimals and converting decimals to fractions. Through a bunch of examples and practice, you'll be able operate in both worlds. Have fun! Common Core Standards: 7.NS.A.2d

Decimal to simplified fraction

VIDEO 2:42 minutes
Here's an example of how we convert a decimal to a simplified fraction. Over time this will become second nature to you.

Converting decimals to fractions example 1

VIDEO 1:56 minutes
We're practicing how to convert a lonely decimal into a happy fraction.

Converting decimals to fractions example 2

VIDEO 0:53 minutes
Being a decimal is hard. Everyone picks on you. Not like those lucky fractions. Let's convert the decimal together.

Converting decimals to fractions example 3

VIDEO 1:14 minutes
Converting this decimal results in a fraction that needs to be simplified. Can you help us?

Converting decimals to fractions 2

Convert a decimal to an equivalent fraction. Convert a decimal to an equivalent mixed number. 

Fraction to decimal

VIDEO 2:17 minutes
Converting fractions to decimals sometimes requires us to brush up on our long division skills. We'll walk you through it.

Fraction to decimal with rounding

VIDEO 3:15 minutes
Sometimes when you convert a fraction to a decimal you have to do some long division and rounding.

Fraction to decimal example

VIDEO 1:33 minutes
This is a great example of converting a fraction to a decimal. Use a scratch pad so you can follow along.

Converting fractions to decimals

Convert a fraction to decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth.