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Word problems with units

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Are we having fun yet? We are! Let's solve word problems involving distances, intervals of time, liquid volumes, masses of objects, and money, including problems involving simple fractions or decimals, and problems that require expressing measurements given in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit. Common Core Standard: 4.MD.A.2

Units of measurement word problem: time to leave for home

VIDEO 4:09 minutes
Mom asks you to be home by 5:45. You know the number of minutes it takes to get home. What time do you leave?

Units of measurement word problem: time

VIDEO 3:38 minutes
We're looking for the difference in time in this unit conversion word problem. We'll use a timeline to make it a little easier. Follow along.

Time word problems


Units of measurement word problem: making change

VIDEO 3:14 minutes
To "make change" means to be able to give people the correct amount back in dollars and cents when paying for something. This is one of the most common and important skills haivng to do with unit conversion. Let's do it!

Currency conversion word problem

VIDEO 0:54 minutes
One day you'll travel to another country and need to know if you have enough money to buy a souvenir in their currency.

Units of measurement word problem: volume (metric)

VIDEO 4:05 minutes
Great word problem that get us thinking about volume. We'll need to express the answer in two different units of measurement.

Units of measurement word problem: distance

VIDEO 4:10 minutes
We're moving between metric units of distance measurement (meters and kilometers) in this word problem. Hint: when doing any word problem, be sure and make note of the unit measurement wanted in the answer!

Unit measurement word problem: running laps (US customary)

VIDEO 8:04 minutes
Remember that it's always easier to convert everything to like units before tackling a unit conversion word problem. That way your comparing apples to apples. Go for it...we'll explain as we work through it!

Unit measurement word problem: weight (US customary)

VIDEO 7:08 minutes
We're moving between units of weight in this word problem. Ever get in an elevator with a bunch people and wonder to yourself, "How many people can this elevator safely hold?" Yeah, us too. You can solve that problem now.

Unit measurement word problem: volume (US customary)

VIDEO 3:29 minutes
Pints or gallons? Gallons or quarts? Confused? You won't be for long. This unit measurement word problem gets us thinking about moving between these units of volume.