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Lines, line segments and rays

4 videos
2 skills
Let's draw points, lines, line segments, and rays. We'll also think about perpendicular and parallel lines and identify these in two-dimensional figures. Common Core Standard: 4.G.A.1

Euclid as the father of geometry

VIDEO 8:23 minutes
We don't normally delve too far into history when talking about math, but sometimes it's important to have perspective about how some of our math concepts came about and how influential they have become.

Basic geometry: language and labels

VIDEO 12:58 minutes
Before learning any new concept (mathematical or otherwise), it's important we learn and use a common language and label concepts consistently.

Intro to lines, line segments, and rays

VIDEO 3:38 minutes
Let's get familiar with the difference between lines, line segments, and rays. Hint: a ray is somewhere between a line and a line segment!

Drawing line segments example

VIDEO 1:55 minutes
Let's put our new knowledge of line segments to use in this example problem. We'll help you!