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5th grade (U.S.)

Whether you are a robot, possum, magic unicorn, or just a normal human being, 5th grade is incredible! You will deepen your knowledge of the decimals that you were first exposed to in 4th grade. In particular, you'll learn to do all the arithmetic operations--addition, subtraction, multiplication, division--with them and really understand what a decimal represents. This will be complemented by building your fraction muscles where you'll learn to add, subtract, and multiply any fractions (and begin to divide them). On the measurement front, you'll explore volume (or how much "space" something takes up) and continue the unit conversion journey begun in 4th grade. 5th grade is also the first time that you get exposed to the fundamental concept of graphing points on a coordinate plane, and you'll get a very brief exposure to the concept of exponents (when exploring "powers" of 10)! (Content was selected for this grade level based on a typical curriculum in the United States.)
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Place value and decimals
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Rounding decimals

One robot hamster rabbit weighs 1.51 kg while another weights 1.49 kg. Is this a big different or a little one? Say you want a robot hamster that roughly weighs 1.5kg. Will either do? Let's get some practice rounding with decimals! Common Core Standard: 5.NBT.A.4

Multiplication by powers of 10

This tutorial will be your first exposure to exponents which we will build on in later grades. In particular, we're going to think about what happens when you multiply by 10 multiple times (and think about how the number of zeroes relates to the number of times we multiply by 10). Later on, we'll do the same thing with other numbers. Common Core Standard: 5.NBT.A.2