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Number patterns

4 videos
1 skill
One of the fundamentals of algebra is learning to recognize patterns among numbers and being able to visualize those patterns and relationships. So...let's use some mathematical tools to visualize, interpret, and graph patterns involving the coordinate plane. Trust us, this sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. Just follow along and pause the videos as necssary. We're not going anywhere!

Number patterns: Seeing relationships

VIDEO 2:36 minutes
Laying the foundation for algebraic thinking by learning to recocognize the relationships between paterns and graphing out those relationships.

Number patterns: interpreting relationships

VIDEO 4:31 minutes
Examining the points on a number line and interpreting the patterns to discover the relationships.

Number patterns:: interpreting and graphing relationships

VIDEO 4:33 minutes
We're building in complexity as we interpret and graph the relationships between patterns in the given ordered pairs. Don't stress. We're here to help!

Number patterns: visualizing sequence relationships

VIDEO 2:28 minutes
Now we're visually plotting ordered pairs based on sequence relationships. The sequence is based on given rules. You're good at following rules, right? Of course you are!