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Solving linear systems graphically

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We already know that we can represent the set of all x-y pairs that satisfy a linear equation as a line. If there is a point where two of these lines intersect, then the x-y pair corresponding to that point must satisfy both equations. Common Core Standards: 8.EE.C.8, 8.EE.C.8a

Solving linear systems by graphing

VIDEO 8:30 minutes
Solving Linear Systems by Graphing

Testing a solution for a system of equations

VIDEO 2:38 minutes
Testing a solution for a system of equations

Graphing systems of equations

VIDEO 6:35 minutes
Graphing Systems of Equations

Graphical systems application problem

VIDEO 5:19 minutes
Graphical Systems Application Problem

Example 2: Graphically solving systems

VIDEO 3:26 minutes
Solving systems by graphing 2

Example 3: Graphically solving systems

VIDEO 5:08 minutes
Solving systems by graphing 3

Solving systems graphically

VIDEO 2:22 minutes
Some practice solving systems graphically (exercises available at http://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/systems-of-eq-and-ineq/e/graphing_systems_of_equations )

Graphing systems of equations

Graph a system of equations in slope-intercept or standard form