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Slope of a line

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If you've ever struggled to tell someone just how steep something is, you'll find the answer here. In this tutorial, we cover the idea of the slope of a line. We also think about how slope relates to the equation of a line and how you can determine the slope or y-intercept given some clues. Common Core Standard: 8.F.B.4

Slope of a line

VIDEO 4:40 minutes
Slope of a line

Slope of a line 2

VIDEO 7:12 minutes
Slope of a Line 2

Slope and rate of change

VIDEO 13:42 minutes

Graphical slope of a line

VIDEO 4:00 minutes
Graphical Slope of a Line

Slope of a line 3

VIDEO 5:05 minutes
Slope of a Line 3

Slope example

VIDEO 4:03 minutes
Slope Example

Identifying slope of a line

Select the graph that represents a given slope.

Slope and y-intercept intuition

VIDEO 5:54 minutes
Using the "Graph of a line" module to understand how a line's graph changes when its slope or y-intercept is changed.

Line graph intuition

Adjust the slope and y-intercept of a line to make it go through given points.

Graphing linear equations

Graph a linear equation on the coordinate plane.