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Analyzing linear functions

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Linear functions show up throughout life (even though you might not realize it). This tutorial will have you thinking much deeper about what a linear function means and various ways to interpret one. Like always, pause the video and try the problem before Sal does. Then test your understanding by practicing the problems at the end of the tutorial. Common Core Standards: 8.F.A.2, 8.F.A.4, 8.F.A.5

Ordered pair solutions of equations

VIDEO 1:29 minutes
Ordered pair solutions of equations

Ordered pair solutions of equations 2

VIDEO 5:06 minutes
Ordered Pair Solutions of Equations

Ordered pair solutions to linear equations

Determine which ordered pair represents a solution to a graph or equation.

Comparing linear functions


Interpreting linear graphs

VIDEO 5:05 minutes
Interpreting Linear Graphs