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Decimals and fractions

Decimals and Fractions

Decimals and fractions

Discussion and questions for this video
How do I write a fraction as a percent
Divide numerator by the denominator, then when you have your percent, multiply the decimal by 100 and add a percent (%) sign to it.
How do you convert decimals if it's not likely to be a fraction? Ex: 4.897 & 0.12345
Take the number before the decimal as a whole number in an improper fraction. The numbers after the decimal, 897 become a numerator over 1000.
How do I write a mixed number as a percent
you can convert the mixed fraction into an improper one...... and then multiply into 100
how do you convert .044867678938725895 into a fraction?
that is a huge decimal. You turn a terminating decimal to a fraction by putting the number into the numerator. then the denominator to from I think the tenth power up. then you reduce it. that would be 1/2
How would I convert 3/4 to a decimal
3/4 multiplied by 100
divide 100/4=25
then multiply 25 by 3= 75
since percentage = 100
you divide 75/100
how do you convert a fraction into a decimal?
You should divide fraction's numerator by denominator.

For example:
3/4 = 3 : 4 = 0,75

Sal made few videos about it, here is one:
How do you get all the colors
What colors do you mean?
the area of a square Is 144ft square . what is the length of one of the sides of the square?
To find the length of the side of a square, you find the *square root* of the total area. In this case, the length would be *12 ft*, since the square root of *144* is *12*.
HELP!! How do you do percent times percent? It is so confusing...
it's just like regular multiplication, but you have to convert the percents to decimals first and remember the rules about how multiplying decimals work. so 50% time 60% is .5 times .6 which equals .3. convert that back into a percent, you get 30%.
what if you have an improper fraction?
change it into a mixed fraction, hope it helps! :-)
Can any body help me with the first question of converting decimals to fractions 1?

i have to convert 0.22 into a fraction.

Please answer quickly.
First, you count the number of numbers(numerals greater than 1)on the _right_ side of the decimal place,(in your case, 2)than, you move the decimal place right that many times(in your case to get 22)than divide that number by one with that many zeros on it's right side(100) with 22 over it so 22/100. Than simplify to get 11/50.
so when i make a mixed number to improper fraction iin dividing fractons i have to flip it around again?
I was a little lost but after watching the video again i got it
i just don't get how you can change a decimal into a fraction it has been confusing me for a while so do you think anyone could help me understand it better?
decimals into fractions: use the place value of the decimal number
.75 means 75 hundredths, so write it 75/100, then reduce (divide) 75 and 100 both by 25, to get 3/4. (75/25=3, 100/25=4)
How do i write a fraction as a percent if the numerator is not divisible by the denominator (e.g. 5/7)?
5/7 = 0.7142857143 and so on
*100 = 71.42857143
you would have to round it as you wish. that's why it's better kept as a fraction for accuracy.
if you have a fraction that is like lets say 25/100 it is going to be 25 percent
it is 1/4 in fraction.
how do you convert 22/32 into decimals
You have to divide 22 by 32.
how do you find out how to divide decimals?
The only way I remember is turn them into fractions and do this:

a/b divided by c/d. Invert c and d and change it multiplication.

a/b multiplied by d/c. Multiply numerator and denominator. Then change back to decimals.

Hope this helped! :D
Great! loved it it helped so much!
How would you simplify a fraction like this 2/6
See how many times 2 goes into six

Answer: 1/3
were can i answer the problem at.
what if the number is 7.425? How do I turn it to a fraction and simplify it?
the same way in the video
Which is closer to 0.8. 0.6 or 0.8
0.8 is closer because 0.6 is 0.2 away from 0.8 while 0.8 is exactly 0.8 making it closer
I really dont get any of this, well...........ummm oh I dont get what he is trying to say and will any of you help me
How do you change a fraction into a decimal and vise versa?
How do I easily find a Common Denominator? I understand what they are but how is the fastest way without Guess and Check? Is it simply X demoninator times Y denominator and Y denominator times X denominator? Or does that not always work?
how do you covert improper fractions to decimals?
First convert the improper fraction to a mixed number, then convert the fraction of the mixed number to a decimal and add it to the whole number part of the mixed number. Example: 5/4 --> 1 and 1/4 ----> 1 and 0.25 ----> 1.25
how do you turn 2.57 into a fraction
how do you convert 6 * 10^-2 to a decimal
how do you know how to convert decimal to fractions like 11/24?????
does the first number of the decimal always stay the same when u are turning it to a mixed number
The denominator stays the same unless simplifiable.
how do i transform fractions into powers
how do you simplify
You simplify by using the LCM for example 4/8 is 2/4 or 1/2 because I can divide 4 and 8 by both 2 and four but it has to be same divisor for both like 12/24 is 1/2 if you divide both by two and 1/2 half cant be simplified make sure you can't simplify anymore before answering or it will be wrong. :-)
i have to do a website for homework that is VERY HARD it has decimals and fractions.I am only in third grade.PLEASE HELP ME!
I dont know what the powers stand for like 10 to the first power, what is their use?
What is a simpleisd fraction
A simplified fraction is a fraction that can't divide anymore for example:
1/3 is a simplified fraction because this fraction does not have anymore common denominators. This fraction probably was something like 3/6 then was divided down to 1/3 because 3 and 6 have a common denominator of 3 so 3 became 1 and 6 became 3 because 3 divided by 1 is 3 and 6 divided by 2 is 3. so that's why 1/3 is a simplified fraction.
I am still a little stuck on this. Can someone help!
I dont understand how to take a decimal and turn it into a fraction and then simplify it.. Please help me!!!
a good way to change decimals into a fraction is to put the decimal over that many place values over. for example, 0.75 it goe back to hundredths-hundred so it would be 75/100 which will simplify to 3/4. Another example is 0.12374923.Now thats a big number but its place value is 100 millionth so it would be 12374923/100 million.those are some examples on what to do
are there easier ways too understand this concept for people dealing with special needs??
Try talking with your teacher about it. Maybe stay afterschool for a little bit and discuss the video. If you're homeschooled, talk with your parents or discuss it with a friend. Hope this helps! :D
Hey guys, I just figured out an amazing shortcut to converting decimals to fractions. If you already know how to read decimals, it should be easy. By that, I don't mean, (four point three two one). I mean, (four and three hundred twenty-one thousandths). If you don't know how to read decimals, check out this link:
Okay, back on topic. An easy way is to just read the decimal out loud, then write down the fraction just like it sounds. Here's an example:

Write 4.93 as a simplified fraction.
First, read it out loud to yourself.
_Four and ninety-three hundredths._
Now, write it down just like you read it.
4 93
Last but not least, simplify the fraction if necessary.

Pretty cool shortcut, huh?
What is a fraction and decimals, please help me learn this!
How do you solve application problems that involve quadratic equations
Is there a good trick to desmals and fractions
I didn't get this until now.But now I am stuck on doing the second one.
create an equivalent decimal notation and decimal fraction
how to add decimals and fractions
ok if you have 2/3 + 1/7 it might be 3/10 LEAVE ME ALONE SPARKLEZ
how did he get the answer i don;t under stand this can some one help
Are you even watching the video?
can you help me with decimals and fractions i am kinda having some troubles with that kind of stuff thank you!
decimails are very simple because the friction from convort into point from OK!
How do you do this without a whole?? EX: 1.556
well i need a lot of help on decimals and fractions,can you help me please?
what your are i dont no but i same answering you the its very simple decimals friction only convrt into point from thaky you
How to you multiply fractions
When applying the video to 0.66, the fraction would be 33/50. Now why is 0.666666=2/3 or how is 0.66=2/3 simplified?
2:08 How do you know if you have reduced the fraction enough to become a simplified fraction?
you check to see that the numerator and denominator are co-prime which means that the GCD of the two is 1
how to add a fraction and a decimal together
Make the decimal into a fraction. Then cross multiply.

1/4 x 0.3 =

1/4 x 3/10 = 1x3/4x10 = 0.075
How do you do a shortcut for this.
how do you change a decimal into a fraction?
how to add decimals and fractions
You will turn the decimal into a fraction, and then add.

ex. .37 + 11/100

.37 = 37/100

37/100 + 11/100 = 48/100 reduced to 12/25.
please help me im getting stuck on almost every-single 1 can someone help me?
Watch it over and over agian dont let it fool you
how do you move between fractions and decimals
I've been watching the same video over and over again trying to figure out what steps you used and how I could do that when I have a problem that is similar to the problem you are giving us an example of and yet I have no clue what you are doing or how I should do it. I really need help with this stuff...
How do you turn .38 to a fraction
NOTICE - Your video Converting fractions to decimals has a problem and is not working. You should look into it sometime. - NOTICE
i know what ya mean. it just cuts off for me. i got too frustrated to figure it out
like who did you get your fraction
how do you find the x in algebra?
Example: y times x = square root of 16
What is x?
Is 0.999999 with an endless number of nines equal to 1? I'm thinking it may be true because 0.33333333 with an endless number of threes is equal to 1/3 and 3 thirds is equal to one.
Where is the little 'Send Thanks to Sal' button? I don't see it on this video.
If I had, I would've sent thanks, but- it's not there!!
how do you turn it to simplest form
How do I write a fraction as a decimal which doesn't have a denominator that is 10 or a power of 10?
You have to divide the numerator of the fraction by the denominator.
at first i had it but now this video has made me confused so is there another video to help me?
how do i get to the practice problems
go on to your file then scroll down a little then just choose one of those practice problems
you simply-fly fractions to make then simpler
simplified means to make a fraction easier like make 4/8=1/2
cant you just put 2.75 into 75/100 and simplipy it isnt it way easier than adding 7/10 and 5/100 because 75 is more than 10 and 5 is in the 100's place and it takes lesser time well that is how i got tought.and for 75/100 an easier way is thinking that 75 is 3 quarters and 100 a dollar equal to 4 quarters
If that's what you meant :)
what if there's not a whole # like this 0.453 then how do you do it
I don't get how to convert fractions into decimals and vise versa
I don't get it when you say the 27 I was with you till then tell me more
what about 5 .54 i do not get that
i still don't get it can u help me
What if you have something like 6/51 how would you convert that into a decimal? I'm just not understanding the process I guess. I've read the other comments and tried at school, but I can't get it in my head. I'm finishing 8th grade if that matters.
if the whole, numerator and denominator are able to be reduced would reduce all the whole, numerator and denominator or just the numerator and the denominator?
any body out there that know how to get black hole badges

answer soon
I don't. Sorry, I only think that Mr. Khan knows how to get it. All I can say is keep on trying to figure it out. I don't even know how to get a black hole badge! I also never seen anyone with a black hole badge. Sorry! (If you know where Mr. Khan lives ask him!)
this might make sence to others ok? for most people like me the first thing I do when i see a number like 2.75 is first i think : i know two is my whole number and everything after is my fraction. my fraction in this case is " .75 " so i ( me personaly) know that .75= 3/4 so i end up with 2 and 3/4
this is an answer for tayyabah.ahmed
p.s. - these type of problems are easier if u memorise your fractions and decimals
"2:01" So we're supposed to find the largest number that fits into both?
Oh! I get it. Thanks!
how do you convert 0.0735 to a fraction huh I really need to know
Who did this video? I like it!
thanx khanacademy
how do i ask my teachers questions
You raise your hand and ask them
so it depends on how big the number is to put 100 or 10 or 1000 so like
13 divided by 8 = what in decimal
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