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Adding and multiplying polynomials

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"Polynomials" sound like a fancy word, but you just have to break down the root words. "Poly" means "many". So we're just talking about "many nomials" and everyone knows what a "nomial" is. Okay, most of us don't. Well, a polynomials has "many" terms. From understanding what a "term" is to basic simplification, addition and subtraction of polynomials, this tutorial will get you very familiar with the world of many "nomials." :)

Terms coefficients and exponents in a polynomial

VIDEO 2:36 minutes
Terms coefficients and exponents in a polynomial

Addition and subtraction of polynomials

VIDEO 15:59 minutes
Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

Adding and subtracting polynomials

Add or subtract polynomials

Multiplying polynomials example

VIDEO 5:46 minutes
Multiplying Polynomials

Multiplying polynomials

Multiply two expressions with variables and exponents to get a polynomial

Polynomial identities