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Credit Crisis

12 videos
This tutorial talks about how the housing-bubble-induced credit crisis unfolded with a focus on the derivative securities that helped pump the bubble.

The housing price conundrum

VIDEO 9:21 minutes
Why did housing prices go up so much from 2000-2006 even though classical supply/demand would not have called for it

Housing price conundrum (part 2)

VIDEO 8:54 minutes
How lower lending standards led to housing price inflation.

Housing price conundrum (part 3)

VIDEO 9:48 minutes
Why did lending standards become more and more lax from 2000 to 2006?

Housing conundrum (part 4)

VIDEO 6:53 minutes
The virtuous circle of housing price appreciation making defaults go down making lending lax making housing appreciate even more

Mortgage-backed securities I

VIDEO 7:56 minutes
Part I of the introduction to mortgage-backed securities

Mortgage-backed securities II

VIDEO 9:34 minutes
Part II of the introduction to mortgage-backed securities

Mortgage-backed securities III

VIDEO 9:17 minutes
More on mortgage-backed securities

Collateralized debt obligation (CDO)

VIDEO 9:42 minutes
Introduction to collateralized debt obligations (to be listen to after series on mortgage-backed securities.

Credit default swaps

VIDEO 10:57 minutes
Introduction to credit default swaps

Credit default swaps 2

VIDEO 12:04 minutes
Systemic risks of credit default swaps. Financial weapons of mass destruction.

Wealth destruction 1

VIDEO 10:30 minutes
How bubbles destroy wealth.

Wealth destruction 2

VIDEO 10:40 minutes
How bubbles destroy wealth.