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Challenge: Floating balloon

Make a balloon float up to the ceiling and bounce off it.

Challenge: Wall balls

Create a force that will bounce the balls off the walls.

Challenge: Speed bumps

Add speed bumps that slow the skateboards down.

Challenge: Sinking logs

Create a fluid resistance force to slow the logs down as they sink.

Challenge: Artwork generator

Create beautiful artwork based on movement around an attractor.

Challenge: Mutual repulsion

Turn mutual attraction into mutual repulsion.

Project: Creature comforts and critter jitters

<img src="https://ka-perseus-images.s3.amazonaws.com/7bbcaddc11804d8d18c538e635dceb86d43c2218.png" style="float:right; width:200px;margin:10px;"> <p>Start with the creature you created in the previous project, pasting the code in ...