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See how data can impact your classroom.

If you're just getting started with data...

Consider starting with just one simple metric to look at on a regular basis.  We suggest choosing one of the following three:


Report: Student Progress report (click the red box to sort) or the Skill Progress report (click struggling box)

Why? Allows you to focus on students who are having a difficult time and may or may not be asking for help.


Report: Activity report (can be filtered by time)

Why? Gets students comfortable with using KA on a routine basis, especially effective if students are working through a curated list of skills in a scaffolded manner


Report: Student Progress or Skill Progress reports (both can be filtered to focus on a specific set of skills)

Why? Allows you to ensure that students are working on a set of skills that you know they will benefit from.

If you want to use data to hold students accountable...

Grading can be tricky and should be considered carefully within your own context.  Below are some suggestions; we highly encourage using at least 2 of the metrics below to gain a more comprehensive picture of how your students are doing.


If you're just getting students used to being on Khan Academy, consider asking them to spend a certain amount of time on KA every week.  The Student Progress and Activity reports both reveal how much time students were working on KA.  Once your students are familiar with Khan Academy, give them a curated list of skills to work through during this time.


If you're focusing on a specific set of skills with your students, you can ask them to get "practiced" within a short time frame by getting 3 or 5 in a row, then incentivize mastery levels over a longer period of time by having them take Mastery Challenges.  E.g. If you get to practiced in these three skills by the end of the week, I'll give you 1 homework point for each.  If you get mastered in any of them by the end of next week, I'll give you an extra homework point for each.  Using the filter on the Student Progress or Skill Progress reports are useful for this method of accountability.


Another way to hold students accountable is to use Coach Recommendations.  You can make personalized recommendations when looking at individual student data on the Student Progress report, and you can also make recommendations to groups of students on the Skill Progress report.  Coach recommendations can be made with or without deadlines, requiring 5 or 10 in a row, and they can be made regardless of a student's mastery level.  Coach recommendations will show up directly on the student's Learning Dashboard.  If you want to see if a student has completed a recommendation, check the Student Progress report and click the "Recommendations" tab for any student.  This is also where you can delete a recommendation.