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Check out this handy dandy glossary for some helpful terms about the Khan Academy site

Progress levels: struggling, needs practice, practiced, level one, level two, mastered

Mastery challenge: Prove mastery on skills that you have already practiced in these challenges. Questions are a mix of concepts that you have done in the past. You might see a counter that says something like 15:56:32. This means you need to wait a little while (~16 hours) before another challenge is available. The time delay helps to ensure that concepts are retained over time. If you are using KA with students, encourage them to regularly do these challenges (e.g., at the start/end of every Khan Academy classtime). 

Getting to know you: We ask everyone to answer a few practice questions when they first log on to Khan Academy.  These questions are adaptive, so if a student gets a question correct, we'll ask them a more advanced question, and vice versa.  This short activity gives us an idea of what a student is ready to learn next.  We use this information to serve up personalized tasks directly to students in their learning dashboard.

Energy points: A measure of effort on Khan Academy. Points are awarded for different activities like doing an exercise, posting a comment, watching a video, or creating a CS program. 

Avatars: Students enjoy customizing their profile with these characters. Select your favorite, and earn more energy points to unlock more!