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Setting up accounts and adding coaches

Most teachers will use this first day to set up accounts for all students and add coaches.

To see instructions on this, go to the Getting Started section. On this first day, it’s important that instructions are explicit, and you may want another teacher with you to help manage the room.

We’ve seen teachers hand each student a piece of paper with the student’s username, password, and the coach id to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Regardless, make sure your students have a way to remember their usernames and passwords.


Rules for technology

Each school has different rules and procedures concerning technology. We encourage teachers to start off the year explaining these rules and procedures and getting appropriate forms signed. Previous teachers have also used this as an opportunity to discuss social responsibility with having e-mail accounts and the difference between a school e-mail account and a personal e-mail account.

Rules may include how to handle the computers and accessories like headphones. This could vary greatly - we've seen in some schools that students use the same computer every time (labeling the computers with numbers may be helpful); in other schools, students exchange a piece of "collateral" for laptop use. There are also usually procedures around when to plug in computers to ensure they are charged regularly.

Laptop numbers


Class contracts

Starting out with an explicit class contract helps establish norms and set expectations. To cultivate values like individual improvement, hard work, and camaraderie, consider including the following in your contract:

  • We all learn concepts at different paces
  • We take responsibility for our own learning, and we try our best
  • We help each other out. When someone is struggling with a concept we already know, we’ll help him or her understand it

The contract might also include specific rules or procedures that they are agreeing to:

  • We will take care of the computers and headphones, and treat the technology with respect
  • We promise to maintain our journals

Some teachers involve their students in brainstorming and creating the contracts to increase investment and accountability.


Using a journal or notebook

Some teachers might find it useful to have a consistent source of documentation for each student, who is using Khan Academy, whether it’s a journal, notebook, binder, etc. This journal can be used to take notes while watching videos, it can be a space for scratch work, and it can be a place to keep track of goals and progress. See example instructions for setting up a journal.

KA notebook

Stuck on KA list

Encourage students to be resourceful. Before asking for your help while using Khan Academy during classtime, request students to:

  • Take a hint
  • Watch a video
  • Ask a peer for help

This approach allows you to maximize the time you can spend with each student individually or in a small group.