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I never liked math as a kid. As a teacher, I love it. I love the mystery of it, the methods and the madness! I am really grateful to Sal and his Academy for helping me develop a greater love for math. I love that my kids get the chance to challenge themselves and review their work on a regular basis. I love that the videos really explain the concepts in a clear way. I love that I have more time for doing and less need for telling. I love that I can see my kids whiz off into the math matrix with a huge interest and passion for developing their math skills. It is cool to love math in my classroom and I have had kids log on each week, on average, for about 2 and half to 3 hours between Monday and Thursday nights. The "requirement" is 15 minutes a night. I still want to do more with it - to tap into the application of the math skills in my own classroom. ~Sonya (4th grade teacher, Idaho and former 3rd grade teacher in Japan)

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