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Checklist of things to cover

  • ___ Introduce Khan Academy and discuss how it will benefit students
  • ___ Go over tech rules or contracts
  • ___ Establish systems and procedures around tech
  • ___ Make log-in instructions as clear as possible (see sample handout)
  • ___ Ask for volunteers to help manage the class on the first day

Sample first day agenda

First day agenda

Planning worksheets & sample launch lesson 

Download planning materials to think through your first day here

Suney Park, a 6th grade teacher, shares her launch lesson which focuses on discussing technology, innovation, and how that can be applied in her classroom. Take a look at her slides to get ideas on how you might want to introduce Khan Academy in your classroom. 

Introducing students to KA

While many might be tempted to plan how students learn about the site, we encourage you to consider letting students explore KA individually when they first get on the site. This enables them to explore different parts of the site with the element of discovery. Then, debrief as a class to discuss what everyone found. 

Keep in mind that your attitude towards Khan Academy will be projected onto the students. If you view it as helpful, they will likely frame it as a helpful tool. If it's seen as a fun activity, likely that enthusiasm will rub off too. 

Suney also does a virtual Scavenger Hunt with her students to explore the site. The following questions can be a helpful starting point for a Scavenger Hunt.

  • What are energy points?
  • What is mastery? Why should you do mastery challenges?
  • What topics/subjects did you find?
  • What kind of information can you see about yourself?
  • What is an avatar? What are badges? How can you earn them?

Download Suney's detailed scavenger hunt here