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If you have students who are English Language Learners, and you are looking for resources to support your lessons, you might be interested in the features below. So far, our efforts have focused mainly on the videos. Translating exercises and coaching tools is next on our to-do list. 

Note: All of our translations efforts are volunteer and/or philanthropic, so we thank our tireless supporters for helping us in our mission to make a free world-class education available for anyone, anywhere.


Under any video, click the Options button and select "Set playback speed."

Select the option to slow down the video speed to 1/2 or 1/4 speed.

Interactive transcript 

Under any video, click the Options button and select Interactive transcript. This not only shows exactly what is being said in the video, but it also allows the learner to easily jump around (e.g., repeat a section) more easily.


After starting any video, click the CC button to turn on captions and select a language.

All of our subtitles are volunteer created, so if you see the video available in the desired language available, thank a volunteer!

Dubbed videos and international versions

To see the site in another language, at the bottom of any Khan Academy page, select the language of your choosing.  These pages currently show any videos that have been dubbed in the other language. We are working hard to translate the entire site and add more languages.