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Don't take our word for it. We encourage you to try out Khan Academy yourself. However, if you're looking to hear from others, here are a few testimonials we have received from our users:

Better than TV?

I implemented using the online tools for my oldest who is 7. She has been struggling with math as it bores her to just sit and memorize (the Belgian way of teaching).

She is having such a good time with Khan Academy and the videos and lessons. Yesterday I turned on the TV for her sister and asked her if she wanted to watch and she begged to keep working. After I made sure my daughter had not been replaced by aliens (she loves TV) I told her to keep doing lessons as long as she wanted!

Thank you for helping me make her understand math is fun not boring!

Parent of an overachieving 2nd grader

Our son Sam is in 2nd grade. He has a natural, self-motivated love of learning. We have struggled from the day he entered Kindergarten to find a way to keep him interested in school while being so much more advanced than the other students. Public schools are not equipped to handle advanced learners and we were concerned that he would become bored with school and lose interest in learning. The school suggested moving him up a grade level, but when your 2nd grader is testing at Junior High levels, a move to 3rd grade is meaningless.

It was very discouraging to hear other parents, teachers, and administrators answer our worries about Sam with statements like “eventually the other kids will catch up and then he’ll be with the pack.” Really? We shouldn’t worry that the system will eventually break his spirit?

We looked at charter and private schools to find a more advanced program that would keep him interested, challenged, and moving forward but even there (which we couldn’t have afforded anyway) he would have been in classes with 15 other kids and not receiving the special education needed. Having a super smart kid is like having a special-needs student, except the school isn’t trained on how to care or help. Our only solution was to have “Daddy School” in the evenings whenever I could find the time and energy to craft interesting and challenging extra school work. It was fun and helpful but I’m not a school teacher and didn’t know what to do – and have struggled to remember certain math principles I haven’t used in over a decade.

Then we were turned on to Khan Academy. Sam’s world has become brighter! He loves math and treats learning new things like it is a video game – taking more pride in accomplishing a new skill than in beating the next level of Mario Brothers. He will beg permission to get on Khan Academy the way he used to beg for more time with the Nintendo. The challenge of learning a new skill, besting his completion streaks, and earning badges has been a god-send.

Khan Academy is a way for our self-motivated 2nd grader to challenge himself and keep an interest in learning. What we’ll do once he finishes the Calculus lessons in a few more months is beyond me, but at least he has an invaluable source of math challenges for now. We still do Daddy School, but now it is with guidance, planned lessons, and I can be sure the principles are being taught correctly.

Thank you, Sal and everyone involved with Khan Academy. It means the world to me to have a way to keep my son motivated to learn amidst a cookie-cutter educational system that ignores him.


Homeschooling mom of 3

I'm homeschooling three of my children now grades 4, 6, and 11. Because I have so many different grade levels, it can be difficult to explain each lesson to each child. One of my children has autism, so he struggles more with focusing on my lectures. However, he loves watching videos and learning online. This site is perfect for classrooms at school sites and at home! Not only that, I recommend it to parents that have trouble helping their children with their homework. Thank you so very much for offering these videos for free. I am excited to share your vision and look forward to the future of education at Khan Academy


Tutor and homeschool parent of a child with learning disabilities

...I had never planned on it and I was not a teacher, but I found myself homeschooling my son due to some LD needs that could not be met at a traditional school - even though we tried many interventions. I later wound up homeschooling both of my children. One is now in her junior year in college and the other begins college next fall and has passed state testing with flying colors.

I discovered distinct learning differences between my own children. When I began tutoring others, I encountered even more learning styles. What worked well for one did not necessarily work well for others. It made me realize that many students leave class or school feeling inadequate, when in fact they just need the information delivered in a different way - which can't always be addressed in a large class setting. That is why those very same students can perform well when they have a tutor who can try different deliveries until one approach works...LD students in particular, are able to revisit subjects here in the comfort of their own home, where stressors and distractions are minimal. They can pause, replay, and even prepare in advance. They have an opportunity to take in the information on terms that work for them - especially for those that do not learn well by just reading textbooks. I also find that you consider the questions that might pop up for someone who is learning more slowly because you are so careful to explain everything in minute detail.

So I just wanted to express appreciation. We love your lectures and hope you will continue to do what you do so well.

Thank you! Michelle

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