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Khan Academy provides your child with a personalized learning resource. Every child learns differently, so how you use it may depend on their learning style.  If you're thinking of aligning usage to grade level curriculum, check out the Common Core map, which shows content aligned to the US-based standard. If you are integrating it into your math curriculum, we do recommend developing a list to guide the content path that you'd like your child(ren) to follow. 

Homeschooling parent Karla Roeglin wrote a blogpost on the subject, and shared a few ideas on for ways she has used Khan Academy with her kids:

  • Use it as a reference to help clarify "tricky" teaching concepts.
  • Use it to reteach/review concepts that have not been mastered.
  • Use just the practice problems to supplement their "homework" time.
  • Use it for "backup" if you are ill or unable to teach for a short (or long) time.
  • Use it to give your child experience learning from someone other than you (from time to time).
  • Use it to teach your child how to explain things so he/she can explain it back to you!

In Karla's words: "My son and I have personally learned with Khan Academy's math curriculum this year, and we can honestly say he has learned far more with this curriculum than with any of the other typical homeschooling math curriculums. It's wonderful because the lessons can be completed independently by the student, or homeschooling parents can watch the videos with their child and pause them to discuss/clarify concepts when needed. When doing Khan Academy lessons, I feel that my son, Khan Academy, and I are a dynamic learning team!"

For more ideas on how to use Khan Academy, check out the "For teachers" section or check out Karla's original blogpost on examiner.com

Tip: If you're getting started on Khan Academy, you can choose either the parent or teacher sign up. Either way, your account will have the same exact features. If you have a child under 13, you'll want the parent sign up flow so you can create a child account which has special privacy settings.  If your children are over 13, either flow will work.