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Since each child learns differently, meeting their needs can vary too. Below are a few ideas that might spark ideas of your own!

  • Motivated learners: Allow your child to choose the content they focus on and to move at their own pace. These students often progress through KA at impressive speeds! Having the opportunity to have them explain what they are learning is great reinforcement and can be done through having them teach you or perhaps other kids in the neighborhood.

  • Disengaged learners: If your child has trouble paying attention to Khan Academy, try focusing on and encouraging a positive learning attitude and strong work ethic. This may be verbally or through rewards. Leverage the coach data at your fingertips to set appropriate goals and celebrate small successes. For example, if you see that your child achieved a mastery on Khan Academy, show them the data and praise them for it. It may also be beneficial to share data with other coaches or family members/influencers as well.

  • Dependent learners: If your child works diligently, but tends to ask for help frequently, be insecure in their own answers, or need lots of guidance, try emphasizing a series of learning habits such as taking hints and watching a video before directly asking a question. Encourage your child to double check their work on their own and submit their final answer when they feel ready

All coaches should use data to facilitate their coaching aims no matter the type of learner. For specifics on data reports, check out the tour on data reports under "Khan Academy in the classroom"