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Khan Academy staff conduct a limited number of workshops every year, but the vast majority of KA workshops are organized and led by educators just like you. If you’ve used Khan Academy with your students and are eager to share your enthusiasm with other teachers, we encourage you to host your own workshop. To help you, we’ve created a teacher training kit.

Teacher training kit

Training presentation

Training booklet

Training checklist

Training flyer

Back-to-school presentation

Over the years, teachers around the world have asked us for an easy way to help parents connect with their children’s learning on Khan Academy. To help, we've created a presentation that’s perfect for back-to-school night or any other parent event. It’s a great way to show parents how you’re using Khan Academy in your classroom and how they can encourage their children’s learning  at home.  We hope you find it useful as you reach out to parents!

Back-to-school presentation