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The College Tutor Challenge with Phi Theta Kappa

Every year, millions of students enroll in college only to drop out without earning a single college credit.  Math is the single biggest obstacle to completing a degree for many of these students.

If you're a member of Phi Theta Kappa, we'd like to invite you to help make a difference in these people's lives! You have been recognized for excellence in academic achievement and leadership at your community college.  As a tutor, you can alter the outcome for students across the country who need to refresh their math skills so they can start their college journey successfully.  Click here to enter.

Let the coaching begin!


Sign up to coach your peers on Khan Academy to master all the skills in one of four eligible math missions: Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II or Precalculus.  

Download these instructions for tutors to find out how to create a class and start signing up students.  You can also download and share these instructions for students to help them get signed up on Khan Academy and working with you as their coach.


The Super Nova Tutor badge is the top distinction in this competition.  It will go to the top 15 tutors in the U.S. Super Nova College Tutors will be honored with a certificate of extraordinary achievement signed by Sal Khan, the opportunity to become a member of Khan Academy's Star College Tutor Advisory Board for fall 2014 (read more in this article), and a t-shirt!

To enter, sign up at khanacademy.org/r/ptkcollegetutor

The deadline to enter is August 15, and the challenge ends September 12.  As soon as you sign up, the students you're tutoring can create Khan Academy accounts and add you as a coach, and you can start coaching them for competition credit. Read this article for rules of the game and for information on how to coach on KA.