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If you’d like to encourage students to use Khan Academy to brush up on their college math, we recommend taking the following steps.

Help students find the best curriculum for their needs

COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW: If students want to learn or review an entire subject, such as Algebra II or Trigonometry, they can choose the appropriate mission.

Download our guide to missions as a PDF: Missions: Focusing students on meaningful content (higher education version).

TARGETED REVIEW: You can use playlists to help focus students for shorter or more targeted review.  For inspiration, check out these sample playlists for students doing quick refreshers for their college placement tests:

Students working independently may find it helpful to convert the playlist into a study plan. (See the next article for more information.)

Explore the tools available to you as a coach

By creating a coach account and adding your students to your Khan Academy roster, you can access their progress information and better support their learning. This article provides a great introduction to our coach tools.

Help students build a study plan

Study plans help students who aren't using missions organize their studies. They also empower students to take ownership over their own learning. For more information, see the next article.

Share these stories with your students

Hearing from real students who’ve used Khan Academy to prepare for college can inspire your students to do the same. Here are a few of our favorite stories:

Moawia Eldeeb shares how his persistence paid off and how Khan Academy helped him through a challenging academic history (2:10).

Charlie Marsh, who used Khan Academy to jumpstart his college education after almost dropping out of high school, explains how taking charge of his own learning helped him get to Princeton (1:41).

For more stories, check out our blog.