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If you’d like to incorporate Khan Academy into an out-of-school time program (before- or after-school program, summer school, community initiative, etc.), we recommend following these steps.

Create an account for yourself

You can find instructions here.

Set up student accounts

You can find instructions here.

Help your students select a curriculum that meets their needs

If your students want to learn or review an entire grade level or subject, they can choose the appropriate mission. Each grade-level mission covers all the Common Core standards for that grade.

Download our guide to missions as a PDF: Missions: Focusing students on meaningful content.

If you don’t see a mission that meets your needs, or if you’d prefer to focus on a smaller set of material, you can write out a “playlist” of exercises for your student to complete. Check out these articles for guidance:

Introduce your students to Khan Academy

Show your child what mission or playlist you’d like them to complete, and let them get started.

Explore the tools available to you as a coach

This article provides a great introduction to our coach tools.

Learn from other programs and share your story

Check out our case studies and the best practices we’ve identified for out-of-school time programs. Then feel free to experiment to find out what works for you!

Are you implementing Khan Academy in an out-of-school time program? Share your story with us by submitting a case study or 90-second video to implementations@khanacademy.org.