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A Khan Academy coach helps guide the journey of a learner of any age. The role of a coach is very important for any learner because they:

  • Facilitate learning
  • Inspire and motivate students

Who can be a coach?

The role is not restricted to a specific person; for example, a coach could be a teacher, a parent, a tutor, or a peer. The ideal is a coaching relationship where you can meet regularly. While Khan Academy helps students without access to a coach to be effective, the ideal learning happens with a coach and other peers. The coach's data shows exactly what and when a student has learned. Coaches should use this data to encourage learners to maximize their potential by encouraging learners to always be learning.

What does our site offer for coaches?

  • Tools to let you track your kids' progress with rich real-time data reports showing what they've completed, badges to motivate your kids and more!
  • Ability to have multiple coaches: A learner may have multiple coaches, and a coach may have multiple learners that they are tracking. Each coach-learner relationship must be approved by both parties on our site.

Finding a coach

While Khan Academy provides tools for coaches, we do not directly provide coaches. However, we encourage you to reach out to those in your life or community who might benefit from your mentorship and coaching. 

Do I need a special account to coach?

Nope! Every account has the functionality for learning and coaching because every one is a learner and a teacher. 

Start coaching now!

Coach Mongolia