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Khan Academy is a straightforward and fun way to deepen student learning in extracurricular programs. Resources include thousands of mini-lessons, infinite math practice and rich real-time learner data to track progress.

Program structure depends on the number of devices, facilities, and staff available. Regardless, Khan Academy can be used as a complement to or as an integral part of a curriculum.

Potential use cases:

  • Provide resources for volunteer tutoring / mentorship programs
  • Enable targeted math remediation for specific concepts with students
  • Use computer science simulations to challenge advanced students in afterschool programs
  • Engage the parent community to partner with their children on Khan Academy
  • Build confidence and have fun with students in summer programs

For more ideas on starting a Khan Academy program, learn about a few organizations using KA below, and then check out the “For Teachers” section for details on how to get started!


Organization: Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma

Type of program: Afterschool program

BGC Sonoma runs 6-week programs at two sites with 30 students at a time (15 at each site). Kids participate 3x per week for 45 minute sessions. The KA coaching features are used to track student progress and BGC Sonoma works closely with each student's teacher on where to focus the students. Awards are provided for badges earned, participation and effort. At the end of each 6-week session, a party is held to celebrate.


Organization: Step Up for Students, scholarship provider to low-income families

Type of program: Community nights to share about Khan Academy

Step Up for Students encourages schools who are already using KA in their classrooms, to involve the community. Schools are holding Khan Academy Parent Nights to involve parents and mentors as coaches for children who are enrolled in Khan Academy.

See the local news piece with more details:


Organization: IMC Chicago, Finance company

Type of program: Volunteer driven individual tutoring

This employee volunteer program meets with local charter school students afterschool once per week for individual tutoring. Focus is on preparing students for the ACT exam. Volunteer tutors work with students on ACT practice problems, and then use Khan Academy to reinforce specific concepts. Volunteers commit to a 3 month time block every other week. Each student is paired up with 2 employees, who trade off.


Organization: Alearn, nonprofit to help low-income students prepare for college

Type of program: Remedial math program for middle school students

Alearn’s MAP Plus program serves one hundred 7th grade students who are at or below their grade-level proficiency. Students participate in the program for 10 weeks, which consists of a blended instruction model using Khan Academy plus hands on activities. Alearn also runs a summer program for 1000 7th and 9th graders across 18+ school districts using Khan Academy as a resource for instruction.


Organization: La Jolla Elementary School

Type of program: Parent volunteer running a morning 8am math session with students who want to participate

Parent Anna Glynne wanted to supplement her child's curriculum at school, and decided to share that with others. Anna saw the school invest in another math program, but that online technology only provided content at a particular grade level. To enrich her own child's experience, she found Khan Academy to be a viable, zero-cost option

Anna realized other students who were either above or grade level could benefit and obtained permission from the school to start a Khan Academy morning program. Each Wednesday, thirty 3rd-5th graders gather to work on iPads with Khan Academy. Anna saw a need to help students, and thought - hey, this is free, why not take advantage of it for our students?

Organization: Numeric

Organization: IkamvaYouth (South Africa)

Are you using Khan Academy in an afterschool, community, or summer program?

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