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Chemistry, Biology, Psychology! Oh My!

This summer Khan Academy launched a competition to find a group of talented Science content creators and we are happy to now have 15 new content creators. This team has been busy making tutorials on topics such as Organ Systems, Chemical Processes, and Behavior. We have now posted over 200 questions and 150 video lessons.

In the coming year, you will see more Science content and by Fall 2014 we will have covered all of the new 2015 MCAT topics to help students preparing for the exam. We will also be adding this content to our Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, and Psychology tutorials but students of these subjects should feel free to take a peek now.

Take a look at one of the lesson on Metabolism here:

Overview of metabolism: Anabolism and catabolism:


New Calculus Course coming Fall 2014

For years now we have been getting requests to offer a complete Calculus course on Khan Academy. In an effort to create a course of the highest quality by Fall 2014, Khan Academy is partnering with Phillips Academy Andover. We are working with Andover’s math department (30 teachers) to develop rigorous adaptive exercises appropriate for a first-year course in Calculus. We just started adding questions to our site and will continuously add content throughout the year. Read more about the partnership here.

Try one of the first problems here.



Congratulations Suney!

One of Khan Academy’s early pilot teachers, Suney Park, has been featured in the new book American Teacher. The book details the stories of 50 inspiring teachers from across the US. Congratulations Suney! Thank you for all that you do for your students!

Read about her inspiring story and learn more about how she uses Khan Academy here.

If you live in the California Bay Area, you can also hear her speak this Saturday, October 12 at the Barnes & Nobles in San Jose from 11:30-12:30 (more info here)


New Entrepreneurship Interview Series

Ever wonder how Richard Branson got started? Turns out he used the profits from his student magazine to fund an unknown rock ‘n’ roll album:

This is just one interview of many from the new Khan Academy entrepreneurship interview series produced by the Kauffman Foundation. The new tutorial includes twenty-two videos and features a range of tips, anecdotes, and personal characteristics from twelve entrepreneurs.


Khan Academy en Español

Khan Academy just launched our Spanish website!

There are approximately 6 billion non-English speakers in the world. In order to provide free resources to anyone in the world, we have spent the past year making it possible for our entire website experience to be translated into any written world language.

By launching the Spanish version of the website, we are now providing access to half a billion Spanish speakers around the world. In the coming months and years we will translate our website into other languages.


Spanish-speaking learners can now:

1. Grow with our personalized math experience

Using the new learning dashboard (launched in August), learners receive personalized recommendations on what to work on next, have access to over 100,000 math practice problems, and can track their progress.

2. Explore tutorials in other topics

Our tutorials cover a range of subject areas, including physics, chemistry, biology, art history and more. These tutorials are currently being translated into Spanish.

3. Learn with a mentor

Learners can sign up a parent, mentor, or teacher to help guide their path. These coaches can access real-time dashboards to identify where learners are and where they need help.


If you are a registered user and want to change your language to Spanish, just select “Español” as your preferred language at the bottom of the homepage. Please note that the Spanish website is a work in progress. As Khan Academy creates new content in English (which we do on a daily basis), translators will be working to translate this content to Spanish.


Help us spread the word! Share our Spanish website with Spanish-speaking individuals or educational organizations.

Want to help translate? Apply to become a translator for any language.

¡Khan Academy acaba de lanzar nuestro sitio en Español!

Hay aproximadamente 6 mil millones de personas que no hablan inglés en el mundo. Para proveer recursos libres a cualquier persona en el mundo hemos pasado el último año traduciendo la experiencia que ofrece nuestro sitio a cualquier idioma escrito del mundo.

Con el lanzamiento de la versión del sitio en Español, estamos ahora proporcionando acceso a 500 millones de personas que hablan Español alrededor del mundo. En los siguientes meses y años traduciremos nuestro sitio a otros idiomas.


Las personas que hablan Español ahora pueden:

1. Crecer con nuestra experiencia personalizada en matemáticas.

Usando nuestro nuevo panel de aprendizaje (lanzado en agosto), los estudiantes reciben recomendaciones personalizadas sobre qué trabajar, teniendo acceso a más de 100,000 problemas prácticos de matemáticas y pueden dar seguimiento a su progreso.

2. Explorar tutoriales de otros temas.

Nuestros tutoriales cubren una amplia gama de áreas, incluyendo física, química, biología, historia del arte y más. Estos tutoriales actualmente están siendo traducidos a Español.

3. Aprender con un tutor.

Los estudiantes pueden inscribirse con un tutor o maestro quién le ayudará a guiar su camino. Los tutores pueden acceder a paneles en tiempo real para identificar en donde están los alumnos y donde necesitan ayuda.

Si eres un usuario registrado y quieres cambiar tu idioma a Español, selecciona “Español” en la parte inferior de la página principal. Ten en cuenta que la página en Español es un trabajo en proceso. Como Khan Academy crea nuevo contenido en inglés (lo cual hacemos a diario) los traductores estarán trabajando para traducir estos contenidos al Español.

¡Ayúdanos a difundir ésta noticia! Comparte nuestro sitio en Español con personas u organizaciones educativas de habla hispana.